Saturday, December 4, 2010

the move is finished

the move didnt really take that long and surprisingly my moms friends basement doesnt took bad at all. it looks like a real apartment. but the bad thing is that my boyfriend and i are officially not living together any more :( and for the first time in a long time im sleeping i really really really need a job so we can get an bf has a job but he doesnt make enough to pay for it on his own. hopefully ill find one sad :(

Sunday, November 21, 2010

my life right now

im not sure if i told u guys this but my boyfriend lives with me and my mom cuz his mom kicked him out...but now my mom is going through some financial troubles and now we have to move in with her friend until she can get on her feet....but my bf cant go and he did offer to help my mom pay rent cuz he starts a new job on tuesday and that way we could all stay where we r...but my mom said now my bf has to move back in with his mom and if he does she will have all kinds of rules that he will have to really suck that this is going on and on top of every thing i have to give my dog away....then my mom asks me wat i want my new pet to be so i say bunny and she says no cuz they smell..which isnt then i say ferret and she says no again cuz she thinks they smell now i cant live with my bf...i cant keep my dog....and i cant get the new pet that i school is going shitty

right now life sucks      

Friday, November 12, 2010

Monday, November 8, 2010

i think im sick :o{

i havnt been sick in ages....i guess it was bound to happen.....omg i just sneesed and it hurt my whole body and now im really sleepy....i wonder if i have a cold or fever or head hurts my skin hurts when i touch it and i have a really sore throat.....hope i dont die

Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Braid-out

i put it in a puff style cuz i didnt know what to do with it

Hair Update

lately i have been straightening my hair alot and i noticed a few split ends. i normally wouldnt mind seeing a couple of split ends but since i cut my hair i wana try and keep my hair as healthy as possible. so i decided to stop straightening my hair for a while. which i kind of a good and bad cuz i still dont really know how to style my curly hair yet. i plan on buying some Curls products from target cuz i dont have any products for curly hair. i tried a braid out and it came out still not too sure if i like curly hair. i went natural so that my hair would be healthy enough to bleach....not for the curls but since i have them now i might as well try them out........another reason i dont want to straighten my hair for a while is so that i can let my hair color fad to make it easier to change the color.
thats it for my hair update i hope i figure out what to do with my hair soon

Sunday, October 31, 2010


my boyfriend got soo drunk tonight that i had to drive us home and i barely kno how to drive let alone park.....thank god there wasnt really any cars out and thank god i knew where we were and thank god there was a huge parking space right in front of my house that was super easy to get into......i should really go ahead and get my licence for nights like this  

Saturday, October 30, 2010




just finished making kitty ears for my halloween costume :D meow

Back On Track

ever since my sister moved in i stopped working out cuz i dont want anyone i my family to know im trying to lose weight (they will think im crazy cuz im already thin...but im not as thin as i used to be and im tired of looking pregnant).

so instead of doing a regular workout at home were people can just going to do some walking and running with my dog (the wont suspect a thing) will be mostly walking cuz i have asthma and the colder it gets the harder it is for me to breath.

im also going to eat alot smaller portioned least half of wat i eat now and i wont eat anything after also going to start drinking at least 1 liter of water everyday.

and i know this is gonna sounds nasty but im gona take a laxetive every night to flush my system before i go to sleep (if you dont crap regularly you could have up to 25 pounds of poop in your intestines)  

hopefully this will help me lose the extra weight without my family finding out

My Future Color

this is how i want my hair color to be but with the back black

Before and After

my hair before i cut it

after...all natural 


10/23/10 my hair a couple of months after i cut it

WorkOut (old)

i normally workout in the morning before school. at that time my mom is at work and my bf is its perfect cuz no one is there to see me work out. but now my sis has moved back in and she wakes up too early for me to finish my workout...cant wait for her to move out again...but until then i have to adjust my workout schedule.  

Straight Hair Routine

NYX Haul/Review

TAG: Getting Ready

Thursday, October 14, 2010

sisters :o[

my sister had to move back in with my now in my house is my mom my sister and my bf. now i love my sis but she can be extremely annoying. cuz she's older she thinks she's the boss of me and feels the need to tell me everything im doing wrong and not just tel me ...yell at me......she thinks she knows everything. plus she doesnt have a job so she's always at now i cant make any videos for youtube....and no i will not make then in front of her cuz she'll make fun of me.

i love her but she needs to move back out or i need to find my own place

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Get Hot Cardio Workout

i havnt tried this workout yet but it looks really hard and that i will really work..........hope i can do it
link to workout explanation--------------------

Monday, October 4, 2010

I Rode A Horse For The First Time

horse back riding was fun. i went with boyfriend and some friends. it wasn't as hard as i thought it would be....but i don't know why i thought it would be so hard. the horses pretty much know what they're doing. we went in a group and rode on a trail in a line and the horse just follows the horse in front of it. i would definitely go again.  

Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Power Of PhotoShop

graphic design is what im in college for but i havent had an actual graphic design class since high school. i forgot how much fun it was. 
i did this for fun...just to see what i will look like when i change my hair color to purple then i decided to do a little extra.

what do u think???

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


just got mini tweezerman tweezers on sale at ulta for $7 when they r normally for like $20. best tweezers i have ever used. they get the smallest hairs

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


i just bought myself another herbal essences leave in. i love this stuff it moisturizes my hair without weighing it down and it smells good too. but the best thing about this is that its soooo cheep the most money ive spent on this was 3 dollars. im always trying to find great products for my hair so im always trying something new but i havent tried a new leave in since i bought thins. ive repurchased this at least 10 times. if they ever discontinue it i would dye

i love this leave in


Thursday, September 9, 2010


i have the same classes on tues as i do on thur and as u kno i didnt make it to my first class on tues but i did today. i thought i was going to be late again but luckily i wasnt. but the really lucky thing was that my teacher wasnt there on tues either so i didnt really miss anything YAY.

i will be waking up earlier for those classes from now on i cant miss any more classes.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


my first day of school didnt go as expected.

i ended up being 30 min late to my first class which is sooo not like me im usually really really early. but it wasnt my fault the bus driver was driving like a snail it was horrible and by the time i got to the train i was already late. next time ill leave my house extra early (even though thats what i thought i did to today). i guess i just miss calculated the time or something.

but any way i ended up not going to my first class. i was really late and i would have been sooo embarrassed to walk into class 30 min late. plus it was just the first day the teacher will read the syllabus and have all the students introduce themselves (which i hate cause i never know what to say) them maybe do some work but i doubt it. so i dont think i missed much.
hopefully i wont be late again.

my second class was just as i expected the teacher talked a little about the syllabus and other stuff. then we talked about writing and what we expect from the class things like that.

my first day was ok i guess but it definitely could have been better...hopefully i wont be late tomorrow.

Sunday, September 5, 2010


i love love love movies and i watch them all the now im gona start writing reviews of the movies i see whether they r new or old. this way ill have something to blog about when my life gets boring.

today i watched Timer its a like a sci-fi /chick flick i really liked it. its basically about a timer that tells u wen u found ur soul mate and the lead lady's hasnt started ticking yet :(. its one of those thats supposed to teach u something in the end but its mainly a chick flick. id watch it again and i recommend it to anyone that likes chick flicks.

idk if i should go into more detail or not so im gona leave it as is but i will say the lead guy is really hot i would watch it again just so i could see him lol :p

Saturday, September 4, 2010


i go back to school next week and im soo not ready. i have no money to buy my school stuff and my financial aid isn't here yet. i cant get the things i need with no money :...{ i think ill ask my dad for money but i hate asking people for money. i guess ill just wait and hope i can get my books on time. the start of my second year of college isnt going so well
hope it doesnt end as bad :o[

Thursday, September 2, 2010


today i walked my dog in the morning and then i did some sit ups and push up when i got home.

i've always been thin but now i'm gaining weight and my pants are getting really tight. i don't like the way i look any more and ive never really felt that before. i always thought that i wasn't perfect be but i still look good but now i just dont like it.

i'm not gona diet but i'm gona try to eat healthier and do more exercise. my school has a gym and im gona try to go there after class and run on the treadmill and stuff like that. i want to loose the waight that ive gained before it gets out of control. i hope it wont be too hard.

ill keep you guys updated