Saturday, October 30, 2010

Back On Track

ever since my sister moved in i stopped working out cuz i dont want anyone i my family to know im trying to lose weight (they will think im crazy cuz im already thin...but im not as thin as i used to be and im tired of looking pregnant).

so instead of doing a regular workout at home were people can just going to do some walking and running with my dog (the wont suspect a thing) will be mostly walking cuz i have asthma and the colder it gets the harder it is for me to breath.

im also going to eat alot smaller portioned least half of wat i eat now and i wont eat anything after also going to start drinking at least 1 liter of water everyday.

and i know this is gonna sounds nasty but im gona take a laxetive every night to flush my system before i go to sleep (if you dont crap regularly you could have up to 25 pounds of poop in your intestines)  

hopefully this will help me lose the extra weight without my family finding out

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