Sunday, November 21, 2010

my life right now

im not sure if i told u guys this but my boyfriend lives with me and my mom cuz his mom kicked him out...but now my mom is going through some financial troubles and now we have to move in with her friend until she can get on her feet....but my bf cant go and he did offer to help my mom pay rent cuz he starts a new job on tuesday and that way we could all stay where we r...but my mom said now my bf has to move back in with his mom and if he does she will have all kinds of rules that he will have to really suck that this is going on and on top of every thing i have to give my dog away....then my mom asks me wat i want my new pet to be so i say bunny and she says no cuz they smell..which isnt then i say ferret and she says no again cuz she thinks they smell now i cant live with my bf...i cant keep my dog....and i cant get the new pet that i school is going shitty

right now life sucks      

Friday, November 12, 2010

Monday, November 8, 2010

i think im sick :o{

i havnt been sick in ages....i guess it was bound to happen.....omg i just sneesed and it hurt my whole body and now im really sleepy....i wonder if i have a cold or fever or head hurts my skin hurts when i touch it and i have a really sore throat.....hope i dont die

Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Braid-out

i put it in a puff style cuz i didnt know what to do with it

Hair Update

lately i have been straightening my hair alot and i noticed a few split ends. i normally wouldnt mind seeing a couple of split ends but since i cut my hair i wana try and keep my hair as healthy as possible. so i decided to stop straightening my hair for a while. which i kind of a good and bad cuz i still dont really know how to style my curly hair yet. i plan on buying some Curls products from target cuz i dont have any products for curly hair. i tried a braid out and it came out still not too sure if i like curly hair. i went natural so that my hair would be healthy enough to bleach....not for the curls but since i have them now i might as well try them out........another reason i dont want to straighten my hair for a while is so that i can let my hair color fad to make it easier to change the color.
thats it for my hair update i hope i figure out what to do with my hair soon