Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hair Update

lately i have been straightening my hair alot and i noticed a few split ends. i normally wouldnt mind seeing a couple of split ends but since i cut my hair i wana try and keep my hair as healthy as possible. so i decided to stop straightening my hair for a while. which i kind of a good and bad cuz i still dont really know how to style my curly hair yet. i plan on buying some Curls products from target cuz i dont have any products for curly hair. i tried a braid out and it came out still not too sure if i like curly hair. i went natural so that my hair would be healthy enough to bleach....not for the curls but since i have them now i might as well try them out........another reason i dont want to straighten my hair for a while is so that i can let my hair color fad to make it easier to change the color.
thats it for my hair update i hope i figure out what to do with my hair soon

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