Friday, February 25, 2011

About Me

im 19, mixed (west indian and puerto rican), in college and i have a boyfriend that is AWESOME. im really weird and i spend most of my time on the internet. im socially awkward and i have no friends(wen im around people i become a mute). i love candy movies cartoons anime hair makeup music and most technology. im really really lazy and i hope to brake that habit.

5'1"----not short-----just vertically challenged


starting: 113
current: 113
goal: 95-100
ultimate goal: flat abs


hair type: all natural
starting length: armpit
current length: close to armpit

goal (1): all natural ((reached 8/7/10))
goal (2): armpit length
goal (3): bra-strap length
goal (4): mid back length

previous color1: black
previous color2: red/black
current color: purple/black
next color: purple/turquoise/black


goal ear stretch: 2g
current size: 8g

side tattoo
extended back tattoo
wrist piercings
hip piercings
second ear piercings

if u want to know anything else about me just ask


  1. I love love the way you color and style your hair, how long do you usually keep the bleach on your hair to process?? Im natural as well and I want to bleach my hair.

  2. i love the way you write about yourself we have alot in common:-)

  3. I'd love to feature you on Please let me know whether you are interested by emailing me at