Tuesday, September 7, 2010


my first day of school didnt go as expected.

i ended up being 30 min late to my first class which is sooo not like me im usually really really early. but it wasnt my fault the bus driver was driving like a snail it was horrible and by the time i got to the train i was already late. next time ill leave my house extra early (even though thats what i thought i did to today). i guess i just miss calculated the time or something.

but any way i ended up not going to my first class. i was really late and i would have been sooo embarrassed to walk into class 30 min late. plus it was just the first day the teacher will read the syllabus and have all the students introduce themselves (which i hate cause i never know what to say) them maybe do some work but i doubt it. so i dont think i missed much.
hopefully i wont be late again.

my second class was just as i expected the teacher talked a little about the syllabus and other stuff. then we talked about writing and what we expect from the class things like that.

my first day was ok i guess but it definitely could have been better...hopefully i wont be late tomorrow.

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