Monday, March 21, 2011

I'm Soo UpSet

My camera is lost....I'm so upset
Every weekend twin 3year olds come to visit and they get into everything and they are smart enough to know when they should be quiet about playing with something they shouldn't. Some how they got my camera when I wasn't looking and put it somewhere. My mother and I looked all over the downstairs part of the house (our part) and couldn't find it. She asked the kids and they knew about the camera, (if they didn't take it they wouldn't have known cuz they've never seen it before), they didn't tell her where it was so we still haven't found. I've asked every one else in the house and no one has seen it. I really want my camera back....I just got that camera...I planed to make alot of videos this week now I cant
I'm just unhappy right now


  1. shoot, they'd be whipped until they stopped acting up taking things that don't belong to them and hiding it! can you tell the mom on them?? i would! see if she has a way to get things out of it!

  2. their mom doesnt do anything to them but yell and they know it...they r more afraid of my mom than their own