Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I Got My First MAC Products Today

I got Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation, Select Cover-Up Concealer, and Fix +. I liked them all but Im only keeping the Fix +.

Studio Fix I got it in C7 and it was not the right color it was just one shade too light but I loved the coverage it gave me so Im going back and exchanging it for the next shade C8 and hope it works.

Select Cover-Up I got in NW40. It was a good match but since the Studio Fix has such great coverage I dont feel like I need a concealer but it did cover very well but I felt I looked too covered.

Fix + I liked more than I thought I would. I planed on just using it as a mixing medium for my shadow and try it a setting spray. When I tried it as a setting spray I loved it. I only sprayed it lightly and it just got rid of the extra powder it didnt make me face really dewy--thats what I love about it. It also smells really good.

So thats what I got from MAC. 1 thing Im keeping 1 thing Im exchanging and 1 Im returning. Overall Im happy that I tried MAC but not too happy I have to go back.  

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